Last days of humanity extreme goregrind from netherlands

Last Days of Humanity is the most extreme band ever ! They did a kind of Goregrind splitted with Noise and extreme speed that no one can beat. The good news is that the guys are back ! The bad news ? Your ears will bleed ! Interview with the band ! (the interview was realised in October 2018)

Last days of Humanity was created in 1989 in the city of Volkel, Nederlands by you and Erwin de Wit. The band had a lot of lineup changes after that, but you will be the pillar of the band. Into your first demo, in 1992, after the intro (dead can dance), I think your music was kind of influenced by extreme noisegrind acts such as Anal Cunt, do you agree ? And can you tell us more about your formation ? The bands you were listening to ?

At that time we were listening to all kinds of extreme music, from 7 minutes of nausea, Agathocles, Fear of God to Morbid Angel, Dark angel, Slayer, Sodom, Kreator. As you see from noise, grindcore to Death and thrashmetal. We as a group of friends often came to a local club in Volkel called Soos Plock. There we desigted to form a band. But non of us realy could play any instruments (especialy me, hahaha) so we would form a noise band in the vein of 7 minutes of nausea / anal cunt. That was the easyst way to get a set of songs so we could go out and try to get gigs. At first we played some gigs in Volkel, as we also organized gigs in Soos Plock, and the bands we invited got us some gigs in return. So that’s how the ball started rolling.

On your first album The sound of rancid Juices sloshing around your coffin (1998) you experimented with effects on vocals, to down pitch it. Were you influenced by bands like Carcass and Mortician? Other ones ? And what was the point at this time, to do the most extreme music you can ?

I started to use vocal effects on our second demo, I already was looking for the right effect for me, I wanted a pitched sound for my voice, but not to low. Because when its to low you get like a rond sound, not the brutal with the scharp edge’s. After some time I got across the Whammy gitaar pedal from Digitech, for me the perfect tool, I could create the sound I wanted and it was easy to use/ (even after 10 beers hahaha).  So when we recorded The Sound I could give it the sound I wanted. The album was certainly influenced by band like Carcass, General Surgery and Regurgitate.

last days of humanity extreme goregrind

You left the band (with drummer Glen Jagers and guitarist Anne Van De Burgt) just after that album. What happened than ?

After the release of The Sound of I did not have much time for rehearsels and gigs, I took over the bussines from my dad and had the focus more on that, a good friend of mine (still is) Bart Boumans took over the vocals then. Glenn Jagers moved to Amsterdam to join the Hells Angels. Why Anne also left, ythat I don’t remember anymore.

So you wasn’t on Hymns of indisgestible suppuration. Can you tell us what do you think about that album ?

Hymns of is a great album, it was a natural progress from The Sound of.

last days of humanity hymns of indigestible suppuration

Until then we could hear the influences of Napalm Death and Carcass on your music (Terrorizer and Repulsion also). But what happened in 2006 with putrefaction in progress (you were back and Marc palmen was behind the drums) : it’s maybe the most violent, repugnant and extreme record ever made in the whole extreme scene. Some people worship it, other think it's only noise. What’s your vision more than ten years later ? Was it a lucid choice to do an album that cannot be challenged in extremism ?

Yes, then Putrefaction in Progress happened. They recorded the album without me, without vocals when the album was ready (rough mix) the came to me with the question if I could do the vocals. it would be vocals for the album only, no gigs or tour. The was the last thing last days would do, after that they would split up. Everybody had enouch of it. Bones Brigade Records asked if they could do just one last studio album. So they did, the wanted to do one last killer release that would blast everything away. When I heard what they recorded I was super excited, this what I wanted to create in 1989 but did not had the resorses to do. Now I had the opertunity. When the album was completed i was very happy with the result, this was so fucking brutal without being just some random noise. Somebody told me once “this is the Reign in Blood for goregrind, the most brutal album there is” I must say I feld hounored.  

last days of humanity extreme goregrind

For me it’s a great record, because it’s so extreme nobody can try to do worse. I see you as real punks, finally, and that album is a real fuck you to the musical industry. Also, the drumming of Marc is just…incredible (I don’t think I ever heard any drummer playing faster). Guitars are just a larsen and your voice is really amazing . Did you know, when making it, that it was going to be your last album ?

Yes at that time it would be the last thing I would do with last days. The band would split up and that would be the end of it. The drumming of Marc on Putrefaction is insane, for me one of the best goregrind drummers in the world.

Can you give us your top 10 albums ever ?

My top 10 album of al time, damn that’s a hard one. But here we go. (in no particial order)
Slayer – Reign In Blood (still after 32 years this one kicks you in the ball so hard)
Tragedy – Nerve Damnage
Bolt Thrower – Realm Of Chaos (this one has it all, production, artwork, titeltracks, lyrics. Pure deathmetal)
Morbid Angel – Altars Of Madness
Carcass – Symphonies Of Sickness
Terrorizer – World Downfall
Nails – Abandon All Life
Kraanium – Ten Acts Of Sickening Perversity
Dead Can Dance – The Serpents Egg + Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun + Anastasia
Svffer - Empathist  (this one has so much hate)
Keitzer – As The World Burns
Ok, i know this are 11 albums.

LDOH is still a live band nowadays. You announced in January the making of two splits records (one with rectal smegma, cliteater, the other with PLF). I didn’t find them. Are they out ?

Yes, tracks for the split with PLF are ready, those tracks were leftovers from the Putrefaction in progress, I did the vocals and the tracks were mastered. We now wait for the plf guys to get their side ready and the thing will be released by Rott and roll records. As for the split with rectal Smegma and Cliteater, That wil be a 3 way split, Rectal and Clit have their stuff already recorded. We still have to do that.

Can we imagine, one day, a new album ? . And if yes, what will it be ?

"Yes we are working on a new full length we have something like 30 new ones ready"

some of those tracks will be used for the 3 way split with Rectal and Clit. The songs we now have are somewhere in between of The Sound of rancid juices and putrefaction in progress

How do you feel to have created the most extreme grindcore band ever on earth ?

Well, it’s crazy still after all those years there are many people who are found of our filthy noise. I could not imagine in 1989 that we created what we have.

Are you listening to new bands ? If yes, which ones ?

I am not so much in the search of new bands anymore, not because it does not interest me but because of lack of time and there are so much new bands out there that it’s impossible to keep up to date. Once in a while I stumble by accident over a (for me) new band.

A few words for the audience ?

Last words? First of all thank you Pierre! For this cool interview. And for everybody who dig our splatter also a very big thank you very much! Without fans the band would have died a long time ago, people from all over the globe is what keeps us going.

Thank you so much for your answers Hans, it’s an honour, I’m a big fan since a long time now !


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