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Review - French + English Text - Spirit Bomb - Tight - 2021 - rock/fusion/crossover/funk/blues/hard - Ellie Promotion - Music Records

  spirit bomb Tight 2021 Ellie Promotion/Music Records  Rock Analogique Rock analogique ? Kezako ? Eh bien figurez vous que les rockers groovy de SPirit Bomb pratiquent une fusion de genres qui n'est pas loin de rappeler l'âge d'or des années 90 lorsque partouzaient joyeusement funk, metal, rock, rap et bien d'autres ! On pense bien sûr à Rage Against The Machine, mais aussi à Led Zeppelin pour le côté hard 70's des influences du groupe...Et Tight est un bel album, qui va vous faire moover du popotin et vous donner d'irrépressibles envies de jumper ! Quand on apprend en plus qu'à l'origine du groupe se trouvent deux personnes dont l'une est dessinateur de BD (Pierre, responsable de la très belle pochette et de la bande dessinée qui va suivre le disque bientôt) on se dit qu'on est tombé sur des atypiques ! Ainsi, le groove nous prend tout de suite à la gorge, en grande partie grâce à une section rythmique du tonnerre (Jeremy à la batterie et Flore


The Awakening by Severe Storm SEVERE STORM - THE AWAKENING - LOWER SILESIAN STRONGHOLD - 2019 Black Metal It all starts with a magnificent introduction to keyboards, reminiscent of film music. But this calm augurs a severe storm! From "Nuclear Salvation", the solo project of Kolan (Polish Black Metal activist also known for his contribution to Odour of Death and the radical band Antisemitex) now based somewhere in Great Britain made in pure hatred! Whether it's blast-beat passages or others on the contrary rather slow, on the borderline of Doom (the contrast is appreciable), Severe Storm doesn't do in "lace" and proposes a Black Metal inscribed in the Polish tradition of the 90s: fast, powerful, violent and above all: full of pure hate! For more than 20 years (yes, 1998), Severe Storm has been distilling its rage on record and this (only) second album is no exception to the rule. Kolan's intelligence being, as I said above, to know how to


Satanic Devotion by Odour of Death ODOUR OF DEATH - SATANIC DEVOTION - LOWER SILESIAN STRONGHOLD - 2020 Satanic Black Metal  The British band Odour Of Death, recently created (2016), is playing pure satanic Black Metal. Except that they're not really British (Kolan, the band's leader is a well-known figure of Polish Black Metal, at the base of radical projects like Antisemitex or Severe Storm) and the vocalist here present (R.Hate) is also Polish and known for his participation in Havocum. The two Poles "exiled" in Great Britain remain in close contact with the Polish scene through their label, Lower Silesian Stonghold). Here are the introductions made! No politics or societal subjects here as in the other projects of the two Slavic warriors: Odour Of Death is entirely dedicated to the glory of the great horned man and to the veneration of his coming reign. Satanic to the end of its nails, Odour Of Death distills a warrior Black Metal, very comfortable

Dark Fury - Flooded Lands - Black Metal - Review - English/French

DARK FURY - FLOODED LANDS (2019 LWS RECORDS) listen to the  ALBUM  Let's first make way for the historical ones! Dark Fury, a highly subversive Polish combo, has been working since 1997 with a particularly radical Black Metal in terms of both ideas and musical choices. This Flooded Lands released at the beginning of the year will not disappoint fans of rough Polish BM, carrying claimed Heavy Metal influences, often at ease in mid-tempo even if the blasts are not shy about landing either. In terms of the lyrics on this album, the band does more in the dark introspection about modern society, the monotheisms they curse quite logically than in lyrics that would only be politicized (even if the latter are present on some songs). Musically speaking, we sail in a Black Metal that is more majestic than ever aggressive. Frankly Old-School, Dark Fury show once again their will not to cling to any "modern" scene (of which they think the greatest evil) and con


OHTAR - EMPTINESS (2019 LSS) An historical band, Ohtar have been speaking loudly since 1996 (yes!). Rather melodic and bewitching, the band's Black Metal is steeped in melancholy and darkness, even in this absolutely inhuman song that comes out of the glottis of a certain Necro (well known to Polish Black Metal fans because of his many projects and bands). Of course the band also likes to evoke hatred and defend radical ideals, to say the least, but it does so on a rather slow musical fabric, sometimes close to some Capricornus tracks or even, blasphemy supreme, to a DSBM atmosphere. The tracks are long, stretched, carried by series of inspired and engaging riffs. As the listens went by, we thought that Ohtar, if they hadn't made this choice of radicalism, could probably have become a fairly well-known band in Black Metal, but they preferred the shadows and the bad guys, tirelessly carrying their cross (the one you want) against all business and cont