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Review - Vagenburg De Arteries - Miracle White-Eyed - Experimental metal/ambient/atmospheric dark jazz/ritual - ENGLISH + FRENCH text

Miracle White-eyed by Black Forest Zone   Vagenburg De Arteries Miracle White-Eyed Experimental/Ambient/darkjazz/metal/ritual Black Forest Zone/Nailed Nazarene Industries 2020 They are there, hiding in the shadows...those who don't care about music labels and remember that music is not just an industry...that maybe it should never have become one...they are there, and don't care if you're going to discover them or not...but the scribe is watching, digging, scratching in the digital world in search of new nuggets. I must here thank Vordb Na R.iidr, who made me discover the iconoclastic productions of Nailed Nazarene Industries , which I will have the opportunity to come back to...In the meantime, here is the Ep of Vagenburg De Arteries, an unclassifiable Russian duo, under Pan-Slavic influence, with an almost monastic atmosphere with dark ambient, dark folk, black metal and ritual perfumes. I even found some darkjazz passages worthy of The Killimandjaro Darkjazz Ensemble