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Mon émission Golden Years 100 % Halloween c'est ce Mardi 26/10 sur RAJE

Ce mardi 26 Octobre à 20h retrouvez mon émission Golden Years sur Raje, la radio des sons d'aujourd'hui et de demain ( 90.3 sur Avignon, 102.5 sur Nîmes et en streaming et podcast sur ) Cette semaine, c'est de circonstance, retrouvez un 100 % Halloween, 100 % Rock ! A très vite 


Death Atlas by Cattle Decapitation INTERVIEW WITH OLI PINARD  a big bravo to Vince Desca who guessed that this interview would be Cattle Decapitation !   In the space of a few years, the giants of Death/Grind Cattle Decapitation have gone from being a band to follow absolutely to being "stars" of the extreme, especially since the release of their incredible last album "Death Atlas". These militants of the animal and ecological cause have become unavoidable in the payasage, with unanimous recognition from the public and the media. Oli Pinard, the band's bass player, was kind enough to talk about the present, past and future of Cattle Decapitation, and we took the opportunity to get some news from his other flagship band Cryptopsy, who apparently is preparing something new for us, as well as from his other bands, as the Montrealer is a four-string hyperactive! (oops, sorry ! five strings !)  Thanks to him for his kindness, his availability, and this