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In the beginning was the verb - Interview (?) with DEVOURMENT - English/Français - Slam Death Metal

After a period of reflection I decided to publish this interview with Devourment. First of all disappointed by the poverty of the answers and the hyper unpleasant exchanges with the group, which, when I pointed out the poor quality of the interview incriminates the poor quality of the interviewer, and that I would have to improve (which is possible!), I told myself that it wasn't so bad, and rather funny. I'm curious to get your feeling. This interview illustrates something that we underground media volunteers know well: a great moment of solitude in front of this kind of exchanges. Anyway, in these troubled times a little fun is good, and I continue to enjoy the music of this important American Death Metal band. From there to wanting to have a barbecue with them after the deconfinement... Hello Devourment ! Last year you released your sixth album "Obscene Majesty" after six years of absence from the record since "Conceived In Sewage"...What did you d