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Rise of The Leviathan ! Interview with Christofer Johnsson from THERION - English & French Text - Le Scribe du Rock - Nuclear Blast

Therion! This name resounds in our ancient hearts like the legend it embodies. Bearer of an esoteric heavy metal with multiple colours and a unique identity, the band keeps coming back from time to time to remind us what a real band can be. Today, at a time when the band is about to release an exciting "Leviathan", I have the chance to give the floor to Christofer Johnsson, head of the combo, to talk about this new album but also about the history of the band since the end of the 80s. Enjoy!  "It’s a very vibrant scene. But at the same time I feel the age of musical innovations is over. I didn’t hear any new band that was very original the last 10 years" Hello Christofer and welcome to Le Scribe du Rock! It's an honor for me! You're releasing with Therion your new album Leviathan in January and the least we can say is that it's a succession of potential hits! How did you work on this album ? Because of the Corona chaos, we had to record everything