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THIS GIFT IS A CURSE - Interview English/Français - Jonas Holmberg - Le Scribe du Rock

A Throne of Ash by THIS GIFT IS A CURSE INTERVIEW THIS GIFT IS A CURSE Answered by TGIAC vocalist J.A. Holmberg ‘Come sleep / Come forever in your black halo Cover me / as I tear down the heavens / I will swallow all light’ This Gift Is A Curse is one of those bands considered "modern" whose musicians come from a variety of musical backgrounds. Except that on the occasion of the release of "A Throne Of Ash", their latest opus to date, we realized that the Swedes mainly produce a Black Metal of an uncommon virulence, sometimes even terrifying. A concentrate of hatred that we discuss here with the singer Jonas Holmberg, an affable man who was kind enough to largely develop his answers, which gives us a most interesting interview!  Hello to you, and thank you for answering my questions! This Gift Is A curse has existed for more than ten years now... Can you come back to the creation of the band and introduce it to readers who wouldn't know you?