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Review - Vagenburg De Arteries - Miracle White-Eyed - Experimental metal/ambient/atmospheric dark jazz/ritual - ENGLISH + FRENCH text

Miracle White-eyed by Black Forest Zone   Vagenburg De Arteries Miracle White-Eyed Experimental/Ambient/darkjazz/metal/ritual Black Forest Zone/Nailed Nazarene Industries 2020 They are there, hiding in the shadows...those who don't care about music labels and remember that music is not just an industry...that maybe it should never have become one...they are there, and don't care if you're going to discover them or not...but the scribe is watching, digging, scratching in the digital world in search of new nuggets. I must here thank Vordb Na R.iidr, who made me discover the iconoclastic productions of Nailed Nazarene Industries , which I will have the opportunity to come back to...In the meantime, here is the Ep of Vagenburg De Arteries, an unclassifiable Russian duo, under Pan-Slavic influence, with an almost monastic atmosphere with dark ambient, dark folk, black metal and ritual perfumes. I even found some darkjazz passages worthy of The Killimandjaro Darkjazz Ensemble

Mémoires des Vikings plus ...Entretien avec SKALD - Pierrick Valence & Justine Galmiche - Octobre 2020 - Skype

Entretien via Skype avec Pierrick Valence et Justine Galmiche... "En ce moment j'ai l'impression qu'on vit une forme de Ragnarok, on arrive a la fin d'un modèle, la fin d'une civilisation" (Pierrick Valence)   Skald, notre prétendant français au trône du groupe de néofolk d'inspiration nordique sort avec Viking Memories un deuxième album fort attendu après le succès de leur premier,  le Chant des Vikings...Plus intimiste, mais aussi plus ouvert sur différentes cultures et réflexions en miroir avec notre réalité contemporaine, ce nouvel album risque fort de séduire les fans de Wardruna ou autres Danheim. J'ai eu la chance de m'entretenir avec Pierrick et Justine, deux des trois voix de ce projet hors du temps qui fait tant de bien en cette période sombre et anxiogène? je vous invite en voyage au pays des vikings mais pas seulement car, vous le verrez, le groupe a élargi ses horizons. Un entretien passionnant et pédagogique avec deux passionnés.


Failure Country by Paul Waggener “Those who have suffered understand suffering and therefore extend their hand.” Paul Waggener is at the same time an activist, a country musician (belonging to the family of the "outlaws" to which also belong Waylon Jennings, David Allen Coe or Willie Nelson) and a singer of black metal or synthwave, sometimes even neofolk...he presents himself as an "entrepreneur" in the American way, in the sense that they multiply activities and tasks...Interview with this fascinating artist who recently collaborated with our national Baise Ma Hache... Interview with Paul Waggener, September 2020... Hey Paul ! welcome to "Le Scribe du Rock" present yourself on your website as an author, musician, artist and entrepreneur...can you tell us a bit more for the readers ? I’ve worked on various writing and musical projects since I was a teenager.  Some of your readers might be familiar with my lifestyle project Operation Werewolf, a lif