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Review - Blut Aus Nord - Disharmonium - Undreamable Abysses - 2022 - Debemur Morti Productions - Avant-Garde Black Metal - French / English Text

  BLUT AUS NORD Disharmonium Unbreakable Abysses 2022 Debemur Morti Productions Avant-Garde Black Metal  Le silence après du Mozart, c'est toujours du Mozart...Voici venir le retour tant attendu des théoriciens de l'esthétisme dément, les dieux vivants de l'univers hallucinogénique...Blut Aus Nord...Le Silence après Blut Aus Nord c'est toujours du Blut Aus Nord... Disharmonium - Undreamable Abysses by Blut Aus Nord Vindsval et ses acolytes continuent leur oeuvre de déconstruction radicale du black metal tout en restant l'une des formations primordiale du genre. Après un Hallucinogen pêtri de rock progressif et un retour à la noirceur au travers du projet Forhist, BAN revient à son talent fou pour l'atonalité, les guitares dissonantes, les voix fantômatiques dans le mix (plus fantômatiques que jamais d'ailleurs), des blast beats fulgurants à de longs moments ambient futuristes dignes d'une BO de Tarkovski. BAN fait de la musique, pas simplement du black m

INTERVIEW with /avec TRANSATLANTIC ! - Pete Trewawas speaking - Welcome To The Absolute Universe - English - French Text

Yes, it is an honour to be able to exchange with a legend like Pete Trewawas (member of Marillion and bassist of Transatlantic) to evoke the new album of this supergroup of progressive rock composed, or Pete, no less than Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater and 666 million collaborations), Roine Stolt (Mr Flower Kings, whose interview can be read on the Scribe) and Neal Morse, a giant of US prog, notably with Spock's Beard and with a more than brilliant solo career. Since 2000, these giants of prog that are Transatlantic never stagnated, and never did the same album twice. It is this time with their most ambitious project, the simultaneous release of an album in two totally different versions, one long and the other shorter, and reworked and re-recorded tracks that they come back to us. Pete comes back for us on the genesis of this completely crazy project which gives us two works of art at the same time distinct and intimately linked. Prog lovers, don't miss it! The Scribe Hello Tr

A progressive journey around the islands : Interview with The Flower Kings (Roine Stolt) - Progressive Rock - English and French text - Le Scribe du Rock

I must have had a narcotic surge when I started this interview with Roine Stolt, the thought leader of the Swedish progressive rock band The Flower Kings, because I told him that the band was releasing their eighteenth album. As he pointed out to me in a gentlemanly way it was maybe a bit much (lol). So Islands is the 14th album of the Swedish disciples of Emerson Lake and Palmer, Yes, King Crimson and crazy in love with the Beatles...Which is already a lot when you know the tendency of the band to release double albums ! Interview with Roine, via skype ! You've just released your 18th album with the Flower Kings if my calculations are right. So what does this new baby have more than the previous ones for you? I have to be honest, 18 sounds a lot to me, maybe depending on if add live stuff , then maybe you're right. If I think only about studio records, probably 12 or 13, something like that. Well, the album's  topic came about partly because of the situation as it is now.