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TRIBUTE TO DUSTIN JEFFRIES (1981-2020) : Cult Black Noise from the USA ! Enbilulugugal on interview (ENGLISH + FRENCH)

The words of Izedis Apirikubabadazuzukanpa TRIBUTE TO DUSTIN JEFFRIES  1981-2020 When I did this interview with Izedis from Enbilulugugal, I was far from thinking that it would probably be the last one he gave since he sadly left us in February 2020. The young man (barely 38 years old) had accumulated many health problems for a long time and his heart finally gave out. A charming boy, whose death shocked me so deeply that I found him deeply unjust. He thus joins the idols Seth Putnam or GG Allin in the pantheon of the Extreme Rockers, whose life was as crazy as the music. Still. What sadness to learn that this talented, misunderstood boy, poor as a day without bread, was going to add his stone to the edifice of the artists who were broke too early and broke at the banking level. His music, strange magma of Punk, Noise, Black Metal, Grind and unknown sounds certainly deserves better than the mockery or the little respect he was given. Let's hope at least that this inter