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Rock, Black Metal and Other Ghosts : Interview BRÛLONS UNE SORCIÈRE - Fr/Eng

Dreams About Ghosts by Brûlons Une Sorcière
Brûler une Sorcière résoudrait-il tous les problèmes de l'humanité ? Va savoir ! Toujours est-il que Brulons Une Sorcière est avant tout un fascinant projet mêlant Rock, Black Metal et diverses alternatives musicales... Pas banal du tout ! Ce projet a grande dominante instrumentale m'a intrigué de par sa liberté formelle et sa volonté de ne pas s'inscrire dans un courant particulier. Explications avec W.A.L

The World Is Empty - Interview English/Français with SONS OF A WANTED MAN - Le Scribe du Rock - March 2020

KENOMA by Sons Of A Wanted Man

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” (Carl Jung)
Sons of A Wanted Man is a team of modern young people who have come from beautiful Belgium to talk to us about chocolate and, above all, beer! But we also took the opportunity to talk about their splendid debut album "Kenoma" which thwarts the standard classifications by mixing virulent and abrasive Black Metal, cinematic Post-Rock and nervous Hardcore without it ever sounding like another Post-Black Metal manufactured product.

I therefore invite you to discover this young band propelled by the excellent war machine of The Shadow Actors, listen to them without blinkers and you won't be disappointed...Enjoy reading and above all, enjoy listening! Le Scribe

Good morning, gentlemen! According to my information you are Belgian and you exist since 2015 (so far it's good? laughs). Can you introduce us to the band ?
Hello! Our first re…


Dreams About Ghosts by Brûlons Une SorcièreBRULONS UNE SORCIERE - DREAM ABOUT GHOSTS - AUTOPRODUCTION - 2019
Post-Black Metal / Shoegaze / New Wave...
Pas courant ce que nous propose ce jeune one-man band propulsé par un certain W.A.L, qui sort ici son deuxième EP. A la croisée des chemins entre Post-Black Metal et Rock, le groupe définit lui-même sa musique comme du Rock Alternatif dans un  univers de Black Metal urbain, ce qui me parait bien résumer l'inspiration de Brûlons Une Sorcière. N'y allons pas par quatre chemins, si vous êtes allergiques au Shoegaze ou au Post-Core, sans doute vaudra t'il mieux passer votre chemin car B.U.S met en avant davantage que d'autres ces divers versants pour créer un Post-Black Metal mélancolique, pas forcément agressif mais plutôt mélodieux. 

Personnellement je suis bien rentré dans cet univers qui doit autant (ou plus) aux Cure ou a Mogwai qu'àu Black. Le groupe va d'ailleurs plus loin en faisant une reprise du défunt petit pro…

From Budapest With Darkness : interview With HAENESY - Black Metal - English/French

Earth and Space by Hænesy, Moondweller

Interview 22.10.19

Ah the beautiful Budapest, so romantic capital of Hungaria ! Haenesy, as for them, do more in black romanticism, even Black Metal... After a very nice first album in 2018, the band came back last year with a Split with the Russian Moondweller, providers of a beautiful atmospheric Black Metal! Interview with H. and A. to know more about this beautiful modern Black Metal team...

Hello Haenesy, you come from Budapest. Can you tell us where this group came from? What was the original project?
H: I have been playing in a deathcore/death metal band (As Karma Brings) since 2013 and Ive been playing on guitar in several bands since 2007, so I have a lot of a experiences about writing and performing heavy music. In 2017 I decided to build up a new project for my depressive, deep, blackish stuffs, so this became Haenesy. Because I havent got a good quality vocal sound I had to ask Angeli to  join in the project.
A: It wouldn't be a big e…


Live in Berlin by Der Weg einer Freiheit

For or against Post-Black Metal? Should Black Metal evolve to survive or should it remain camped on the past (knowing that, in the past, this rebel genre has NEVER been camped on anything!) In short, you have three hours!
Joking aside, here is the interview of one of the spearheads of "post-black metal" (if this label means anything) Der Weg Einer Freiheit, from Germany (even if the name sounds rather Italian, right? LOL) who talk about their respect for the great old guys, their vision of Black Metal in the present and in the future, in short, a fascinating interview! Thanks to them! 

Tobias Jaschinsky and you created the band back in 2009. Can you tell us the story of that creation ?
Tobias and I had a band together called « Frostgrim » that had its origins way earlier, at around 2005 I think. There came a time when Tobias decided to quit the band and since he was the main songwriter, leader a…