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Mon émission Golden Years 100 % Halloween c'est ce Mardi 26/10 sur RAJE

Ce mardi 26 Octobre à 20h retrouvez mon émission Golden Years sur Raje, la radio des sons d'aujourd'hui et de demain ( 90.3 sur Avignon, 102.5 sur Nîmes et en streaming et podcast sur ) Cette semaine, c'est de circonstance, retrouvez un 100 % Halloween, 100 % Rock ! A très vite 


DEATHCORE TRAP METAL WITH DESPISED MASSES Hi Cody, can you introduce yourself to our readers ? Hello this is Cody of Despised Masses, I also go by my stage/producer name Cid DoDie but it hasn’t caught on just yet haha. Your music i discovered on Soundcloud is truly fascinating. It's kind of mix of Trap Metal, Deathcore with experimental touches. Do you agree ? Yes I’d would say that is a good sum of what I’m doing. The mix of screaming with bass heavy patterns and breakdowns with random touches from different genres helps give the music a fresh taste. DEATHCORE MEETS TRAP METAL IN CHAOS  Do you think Trap Metal is going to be a big thing ? I honestly can see it getting huge. I haven’t been following it as long as a lot of people. But l, I have seen a lot of artists I’m starting to get to know get a lot more recognition then they were years ago when things were just starting in the scene. I feel it will have a huge impact on rap and even spill over