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Depressive Suicidal Black Metal from Japan ! INTERVIEW WITH NO POINT IN LIVING

Interview with No Point In Living (Yu) ENGLISH VERSION/VERSION  FRANÇAISE Hi No Point In Living. You are a Japanese DSBM band created in 2015. Can you describe the band to our readers and tell us more about your history, influences and purposes ?   Hi, I’m Yu of No Point in Living and am author of a book called “Depressive Suicidal Black Metal Guidebook”. -My History- I was born in 1996. I started playing the guitar when I was 12 years old and started to listen to heavy metal music same time. At that time, I often listened to Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Korn (is still favorite) and etc. Then I searched many subgenre of metal music. Death Metal, Gothic Metal, Doom Metal and etc. I listened to many bands like Children of Bodom, Arch Enemy and etc. After that, I found Black Metal. I was really impressed by Black Metal, Its very fast tempo, evil voice, beautiful melody.   I used to listen to Mayhem, Burzum, Darkthrone and other 90s bands. I practiced to play som