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ISGHERURD MORTH : Interview from Siberia With Le Scribe Du Rock - English/French Text - Black Metal/Avant Garde

Hellrduk by ISGHERURD MORTH I like bands that take risks, that try things, even if they fail sometimes. It's so exciting to see new bands break away from their models and offer something else. The pioneers of black metal in the 90s didn't do anything different: they were unique and didn't want to be like their neighbours. Isgherurd Morth, whose first album "Hellrduk" is released today but finalized in 2016, offers a very personal and successful vision of black metal: musically, by skilfully mixing virulence and hatred with deceptively enchanting melodies, but also thematically by moving away from the usual themes of the genre towards something more introspective, with a second album in sight that will talk about the absolute taboo subject in black metal: love! I can't wait! In the meantime, here is my interview with Peter aka Pitom, leader singer, bassist and guitarist of the Russian combo which welcomes in its ranks the fabulous French drummer Romain Goulon.