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A progressive journey around the islands : Interview with The Flower Kings (Roine Stolt) - Progressive Rock - English and French text - Le Scribe du Rock

I must have had a narcotic surge when I started this interview with Roine Stolt, the thought leader of the Swedish progressive rock band The Flower Kings, because I told him that the band was releasing their eighteenth album. As he pointed out to me in a gentlemanly way it was maybe a bit much (lol). So Islands is the 14th album of the Swedish disciples of Emerson Lake and Palmer, Yes, King Crimson and crazy in love with the Beatles...Which is already a lot when you know the tendency of the band to release double albums ! Interview with Roine, via skype ! You've just released your 18th album with the Flower Kings if my calculations are right. So what does this new baby have more than the previous ones for you? I have to be honest, 18 sounds a lot to me, maybe depending on if add live stuff , then maybe you're right. If I think only about studio records, probably 12 or 13, something like that. Well, the album's  topic came about partly because of the situation as it is now.