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Arthurian Catacombs by Sacred Son The English never do anything like the others. I'm not talking about their curious habit of driving on the left or Dani Filth washing dishes with corpsepaint (although we're getting closer to our subject). Dane and Sacred Son are typically English, with a 32nd degree cold humour and an impressive detachment. Dressed in Tweed from head to toe, these nationals of the perfidious albion nevertheless distil a pure Black Metal that gains in intensity from release to release! So, if you had been questioned by the cover of the first album (the best cover I've ever seen on a Black Metal record!), take a look at this interview and the music of the five lords here present, it's amazing, by jove! Hello Dane, can you introduce Sacred Son to readers who don't know you yet ? We are a four-piece black metal band based in London, UK. I was one of those who discovered you with the cover of the first lp I found hilari