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Review - Blut Aus Nord - Disharmonium - Undreamable Abysses - 2022 - Debemur Morti Productions - Avant-Garde Black Metal - French / English Text

  BLUT AUS NORD Disharmonium Unbreakable Abysses 2022 Debemur Morti Productions Avant-Garde Black Metal  Le silence après du Mozart, c'est toujours du Mozart...Voici venir le retour tant attendu des théoriciens de l'esthétisme dément, les dieux vivants de l'univers hallucinogénique...Blut Aus Nord...Le Silence après Blut Aus Nord c'est toujours du Blut Aus Nord... Disharmonium - Undreamable Abysses by Blut Aus Nord Vindsval et ses acolytes continuent leur oeuvre de déconstruction radicale du black metal tout en restant l'une des formations primordiale du genre. Après un Hallucinogen pêtri de rock progressif et un retour à la noirceur au travers du projet Forhist, BAN revient à son talent fou pour l'atonalité, les guitares dissonantes, les voix fantômatiques dans le mix (plus fantômatiques que jamais d'ailleurs), des blast beats fulgurants à de longs moments ambient futuristes dignes d'une BO de Tarkovski. BAN fait de la musique, pas simplement du black m


Tome II by Grave Circles I confess that I like bands that muddle the waters, defy musical styles and remain rather unclassifiable. Why is that? Well, because they remind me that a good band is above all a strong artistic personality, and that, like the greats of Metal (or other styles), you have to be able to break free from codes to make a mark. Grave Circles, from Ukraine, practice a fascinating Black Metal, at the same time old school and avant-gardist, which finds its bases in the 80's, a blessed time when one could still make fun of labels...Explanations from the interested parties... Hello Grave Circles ! You are an ukrainian band practicing a style that can be described as Avant Garde Black Metal... Can you present us the band and your career so far ?  Hello! This is the first time I’ve ever heard our music being classified as Avant Garde Black Metal, though I have no objection to this classification. It is hard for me to be a judge of my own work. Either way it is mo

[ENG/FR] DEVIANT BLACK METAL OR POST-BLACK METAL ? interview with White Ward, from Ukraine

Hello, White Ward! Can you introduce the band to our readers? Andrii Pechatkin:  Hello, Pierre! While Yurii, our guitarist and mastermind, prefers introducing White Ward as a deviant black metal band, I am usually more specific. White Ward is a post-black metal act from Odesa Ukraine that is heavily influenced by dark jazz and incorporates saxophone in the most unexpected moments. To my mind, this definition lets people understand what they are going to hear while listening to White Ward. However, too many expectations often lead to disappointment, so be careful with your thoughts and desires. As for White Ward, you will get a mix of Bohren & Der Club of Gore-styled dark jazz with quite melodic post-black with lots of saxophone solos.  You come from Odesa in Ukraine and the band was created back in 2012. Your first EP "Illusions" was released in 2012 and contained a melodic and melancholic Black Metal that can be described as Post-Black Metal, What were the