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DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL interview - English + French Text - Atmospheric Ambient Metalcore - Nuclear Blast

The English band Devil Sold His Soul doesn't make ordinary music, their modern metal, which can roughly be described as metalcore, is imbued with very powerful ambient moments and atmospheres that give it a strong personality. Here is the fruit of my exchanges with these spiritual children of the Deftones and Will Haven who have been able to dig their own furrow...Pierre, The Scribe Hello to you! Your new album Loss will be released next April. This is your fourth album and it comes eight years after Empire Of Light . Why did it take you so long to release this new album ? As life moves on we all have more commitments and unfortunately it gets more difficult to find time that we can all meet as we all live far apart. We only want to put out the very best we can so it just worked out that this is how long it has taken. We are all very proud of what we have achieved and hope that it will be worth the wait. You play a rather personal metalcore, very ambient- and atmosphere-oriented.