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Review - ARAN ANGMAR - Black Cosmic Elements - French+English Texf - Ellie Promotion/Time Tombs Production/Season Of Mist - 2021 - Black/Death Metal

  ARAN ANGMAR Black Cosmic ELements 2021 Ellie Promotion/Time Tombs Production/Season Of Mist Black/Death Metal Black Cosmic Elements by Aran Angmar Aran Angmar, groupe aux racines internationales, n'est pas loin de pouvoir être considéré comme un "supergroupe" du metal extrême avec à son bord Lord Abagor (chant + Basse, néerlandais et ancien de Dunkelnacht et actuel Saille, sa grosse voix death caverneuse m'enchantant les esgourdes) ; Maahes (Guitare + Basse, le grec de la bande) ; Michiel Van der Plicht (batterie, également membre des énormes Pestilence). Le groupe aurait été rejoint (selon Metal Archives) par l'italien Vinterskog à la basse cette année, mais cela n'est pas indiqué sur la fiche de presse du groupe. Toujours est-il que ces démons internationaux sont basés en Italie où a été enregistré ce Black Cosmic Elements. Un album, qui, a défaut d'être d'une grande originalité (ce n'est pas leur but) va ravir les nostalgiques de Dissection (p

ISGHERURD MORTH : Interview from Siberia With Le Scribe Du Rock - English/French Text - Black Metal/Avant Garde

Hellrduk by ISGHERURD MORTH I like bands that take risks, that try things, even if they fail sometimes. It's so exciting to see new bands break away from their models and offer something else. The pioneers of black metal in the 90s didn't do anything different: they were unique and didn't want to be like their neighbours. Isgherurd Morth, whose first album "Hellrduk" is released today but finalized in 2016, offers a very personal and successful vision of black metal: musically, by skilfully mixing virulence and hatred with deceptively enchanting melodies, but also thematically by moving away from the usual themes of the genre towards something more introspective, with a second album in sight that will talk about the absolute taboo subject in black metal: love! I can't wait! In the meantime, here is my interview with Peter aka Pitom, leader singer, bassist and guitarist of the Russian combo which welcomes in its ranks the fabulous French drummer Romain Goulon.

Winter is Coming - Interview with Путь (The Pathway) - Russian black metal - English + French Text

The Songs of the Death by Путь (Pathway) «…And every day as hours are passing My habit is to try to guess From all the years as they’re amassing The one in which my death will press."   (Alexander Pouchkine) Путь (the pathway) is a Russian band that offers a (post) black metal filled with frost, grief and darkness. Possessed by this Slavic soul that a certain number of us cherish, the band deploys this very particular warlike melancholy. As winter is coming on our coasts, it seemed opportune to me to give them the floor and to know a bit more about their musical and cultural influences, about the weight that russia weighs in their music, about the accordion (a little question in a nod to Croc Noir) and many other things... Good reading, and, above all, good listening! The Scribe Hello Путь! Your name means "path" in Russian, can you tell us about the path you have taken so far? Hello, Le Scribe du Rock ! The Pathway in the form we are now known now began only a couple o