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[ENG/FR] DEVIANT BLACK METAL OR POST-BLACK METAL ? interview with White Ward, from Ukraine

Hello, White Ward! Can you introduce the band to our readers? Andrii Pechatkin:  Hello, Pierre! While Yurii, our guitarist and mastermind, prefers introducing White Ward as a deviant black metal band, I am usually more specific. White Ward is a post-black metal act from Odesa Ukraine that is heavily influenced by dark jazz and incorporates saxophone in the most unexpected moments. To my mind, this definition lets people understand what they are going to hear while listening to White Ward. However, too many expectations often lead to disappointment, so be careful with your thoughts and desires. As for White Ward, you will get a mix of Bohren & Der Club of Gore-styled dark jazz with quite melodic post-black with lots of saxophone solos. 

You come from Odesa in Ukraine and the band was created back in 2012. Your first EP "Illusions" was released in 2012 and contained a melodic and melancholic Black Metal that can be described as Post-Black Metal, What were the band's influ…