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Anarchy, Black Metal and Folk Music : Interview with Dawn Ray'd ! - UK Black Metal with Folk elements - English + Français

Behold Sedition Plainsong by Dawn Ray'd Dawn Ray'd is an exciting band in more ways than one! Already because the band distinguishes itself from the classic RABM scene by not playing the blackened crust card but by bewitching us with a melodic and aggressive black metal at the same time, enriched with beautiful folk flights... The English give us their point of view on contemporary anarchism, black metal, and tell us about their journey, not classic for two pennies! If you don't know them yet you can trust me! It's a high-flying band!   Hello Dawn Ray'd, and first I would like to thank you for answering this interview. Can you tell us the story of the band, and what pushed Fabian and Simon to create the band alongside We Came Out Like Tigers ? Ollie who played bass had some personal stuff gping on that meant he couldn’t continue touring anymore, and we knew it wouldn’t have been the same band without him, so we ended that band, it actually was a weirdly posit