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The World Is Empty - Interview English/Français with SONS OF A WANTED MAN - Le Scribe du Rock - March 2020

KENOMA by Sons Of A Wanted Man “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” (Carl Jung) Sons of A Wanted Man is a team of modern young people who have come from beautiful Belgium to talk to us about chocolate and, above all, beer! But we also took the opportunity to talk about their splendid debut album "Kenoma" which thwarts the standard classifications by mixing virulent and abrasive Black Metal, cinematic Post-Rock and nervous Hardcore without it ever sounding like another Post-Black Metal manufactured product. I therefore invite you to discover this young band propelled by the excellent war machine of The Shadow Actors, listen to them without blinkers and you won't be disappointed...Enjoy reading and above all, enjoy listening! Le Scribe Good morning, gentlemen! According to my information you are Belgian and you exist since 2015 (so far it's good? laughs). Can you introduce us to th