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Mon émission Golden Years 100 % Halloween c'est ce Mardi 26/10 sur RAJE

Ce mardi 26 Octobre à 20h retrouvez mon émission Golden Years sur Raje, la radio des sons d'aujourd'hui et de demain ( 90.3 sur Avignon, 102.5 sur Nîmes et en streaming et podcast sur ) Cette semaine, c'est de circonstance, retrouvez un 100 % Halloween, 100 % Rock ! A très vite 


H.A.Q.Q. by Liturgy It's been a while now since I fell in love with this strange band...Liturgy...the New Yorkers, led by the intellectual Hunter Hunt Hendrix, made me succumb to their cerebral and poisonous Metal at the time of the release of their fabulous "Aesthetica" in 2011...Since then I've been on the road with this unclassifiable, extra-terrestrial musical project, full of crazy experiments around a Black Metal base. The Brooklyn band comes back with a sumptuous album, "H.A.Q.Q" where they find a good part of their Black vivacity after the most unclassifiable "The Ark Work"...The band remains totally indescribable, so you might as well listen to them, without prejudices. And reading the interview of the voluble Hunter, who shares his most powerful theories here, while he gives himself a deep analysis of Liturgy's music: fascinating!  INTERVIEW WITH HUNTER HUNT-HENDRIX Hello Hunter, it is a great p