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STEVE HACKETT : Under A Mediterranean Sky : The Interview ! - Le Scribe du Rock - English + French Text

"I believe my work to have a pan-genre approach. I love to involve as many musical forms as possible without prejudice" It is always an honour and a privilege for me, as a small amateur columnist, to be able to exchange with a music giant. Let's not be afraid of words, Steve Hackett is one of them! Emeritus member of Genesis between 1971 and 1977 (the group's most "progressive" period), he never ceased to renew himself, to mix musical genres without borders. Thus he has made his own this progressive dna which wants this "genre" to allow him to go beyond genres, to let his inspiration fly to the meeting of the muses. Steve has once again delighted us with an album with a sweet Mediterranean fragrance (reviewed in these pages, link at the bottom of the page) and was kind enough to answer my questions...We speak Mediterranean, music, joie de vivre...Enjoy! Hello Steve, and thank you for doing me the honour of answering my modest questions! You are rel