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Facthedral's Hall : portrait of a real independant music label


Facthedral's Hall ? An underground music label in Provence !
Facthedral's Hall, an underground music label in Provence ? Yes it's a great exemple of what DIY can produce. Created by Marc Reina (aka Le K, aka Skrow in Black/Thrash french band Imperial) in 1997 in the city of Martigues (south of France). The label since the beginning is promoting "improbable music", these are Marc Reina's words, electronic music, industrial music, ambient or even hip hop, rock, drum'n'bass, metal or punk are welcome. Eclectism is the keyword to give a visibility to artists from all over the world that are in crazy musics, innovative, weird, unnamables, and of course in the heart of Provence. Marc had such courage to believe in his project. Non listening to "pessimists", he just listened to his heart and his passion as a musician and a music fond. Because of him, we can reach a catalog of music whom may speak to the heart of real…