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Art & Darkness ! Interview with VON KOWEN - Dark designer - Visual art - Metal art - Horror Art

Are you tired of wearing your old band shirts? You think everyone you see looks like them? Then it's time for you to get to know Von Kowen, a Croatian designer artist who takes her inspiration from the Dark/Horror universe (Lovecraft, skulls, Satanism) and her taste for metal music (death and black in particular) to create beautiful designs that are then used to create beautiful t-shirts, artprints, covers, etc. So if you're short of ideas, read this interview! Hi, Von Kowen, you're an artist and designer from Croatia. I heard about you because my wife did buy me a t-shirt that you designed after Lovecraft. I dit start to look at your work and I liked it's classic and original at time. Hey! Thank you, and I hope you enjoy your Lovecraft shirt! How do you define your work as a designer ? I do digital (vector) art that I upload on print-on-demand sites such as Threadless or Redbuble. I usually design stuff that I would like to wear on a shirt, and luckily – other people l