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Review - French + English - OWL CAVE - BROKEN SPEECH - 2021 - Time Tombs Production/Ellie Promotion/Season Of Mist - Black Metal/Noise/Avant-Garde

 OWL CAVE Broken Speech 2021 Time Tombs Production/Ellie Promotion/Season Of Mist Black Metal/Noise/Avant-Garde Owl Cave, groupe (ou plutôt one-man band) de S., est originaire de Paris, et nous propose, avec ce premier album nommé Broken Speech un long titre de 43 minutes décomposé en six parties d'un black metal moderne, dissonant, mâtiné de sludge, de noise et de passages ambient, pour un résultat des plus détonnants. Broken Speech by Owl Cave Mis en lumière par un artwork signé du grand Dehn Sora cette oeuvre/monolithe composite est le fruit de trois ans de travail acharné, trois ans qui ont permis à Owl Cave d'émerger de l'ombre, tout en continuant à y demeurer. Un album fascinant, où les guitares se font particulièrement grasses et lourdes, graves comme dans le post-metal le plus poussé, et c'est là aussi que Owl Cave trouve son originalité. D'étranges sons, samples vocaux, bruits électroniques et autres viennent se superposer tout du long de cette écoute, tand


Exitium by HOR "Well we play traditional black metal in essence and purity but in our way. we do not re-invent the wheel and we do not care to do it. If you love black metal…then probably you will like our album" (Ophion) Interview with Ophion from HOR Hor is quite fascinating...This Greek duo has just released, with "Exitium", a Black Metal album of rare intensity, emblematic darkness and absolute firepower. Direct heirs of the big names of the Scandinavian scene of the 90s, they provoke a shiver comparable to what I felt at the time when I heard Satyricon or Emperor. There are worse references, don't you think? Ophion, a member of this mysterious and surprising group tells us a little more Hor, thank you for answering my questions! Can you tell us the story of this group that seems to "come out of nowhere"? Hi Pierre. Thank you for this interview. The band HOR was formed in November of 2017. Before that date we had some b


DIABOLICAL PRINCIPLES - WISTFUL WHISPERS (2019 LSS) Listen to the album here Today band is nicely called Diabolical Principles, a very appropriate name that I think it is useless to translate. We leave Poland to visit Greece at the bedside of this very pleasant group whose radicalism is not political but rather oriented towards blasphemy and the worship of nature and its divinities. Musically we are faced with a rather atmospheric and melodic Black Metal, of all beauty, with sometimes some passages that can evoke Summoning or Burzum in the most "soaring" passages. Indeed, the combo is more in love with languorous tempos than with car races. Since 1999 (yes, still no newcomers) the Athenians have been delivering their Black Metal to the Orthodox world and beyond. Personally I didn't know them before this album (we can't know everything either) and I admit I take great pleasure in listening to his black melodies certainly but sometimes ench