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From Budapest With Darkness : interview With HAENESY - Black Metal - English/French

Earth and Space by Hænesy, Moondweller Interview  22.10.19 Ah the beautiful Budapest, so romantic capital of Hungaria ! Haenesy, as for them, do more in black romanticism, even Black Metal... After a very nice first album in 2018, the band came back last year with a Split with the Russian Moondweller, providers of a beautiful atmospheric Black Metal! Interview with H. and A. to know more about this beautiful modern Black Metal team... Hello Haenesy, you come from Budapest. Can you tell us where this group came from? What was the original project? H: I have been playing in a deathcore/death metal band (As Karma Brings) since 2013 and Ive been playing on guitar in several bands since 2007, so I have a lot of a experiences about writing and performing heavy music. In 2017 I decided to build up a new project for my depressive, deep, blackish stuffs, so this became Haenesy. Because I havent got a good quality vocal sound I had to ask Angeli to  join in the project.