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Interview with Kolossus, black metal from Italy, in a nordic vein - ENGLISH + FRENCH TEXT - The Ritual Productions - Satanath Records - Le Scribe du Rock

SAT278: Kolossus - The Line Of The Border (2020) by Satanath Records
Difficult to guess, listening to The Line Of The Border, Kolossus' latest album to date, that it is "driven" by an Italian! In his music, we can feel above all the influences of black metal from Scandinavia, both pagan and viking. Great fan of Enslaved, among other things, the transalpine man was not stingy with words to answer my questions. If I add to this introduction that the album was released by The Ritual Productions in partnership with Satanath Records, connoisseurs will be immediately reassured...Explanations from Helliminator....

Interview with Helliminator, from Kolossus, September 2020...

Hi Helliminator, can you introduce Kolossus to our readers ?
Hi Pierre!Well,Kolossus was founded in 2014 after an another project of mine called T-132;the only difference between the two projects is that with Kolossus i've made also a full-lenght album while with T-132 there are just a few songs here and t…


Listen to the album here

Diabolical Principles - Wistful Whispers CD black metal

Today band is nicely called Diabolical Principles, a very appropriate name that I think it is useless to translate. We leave Poland to visit Greece at the bedside of this very pleasant group whose radicalism is not political but rather oriented towards blasphemy and the worship of nature and its divinities. Musically we are faced with a rather atmospheric and melodic Black Metal, of all beauty, with sometimes some passages that can evoke Summoning or Burzum in the most "soaring" passages. Indeed, the combo is more in love with languorous tempos than with car races. Since 1999 (yes, still no newcomers) the Athenians have been delivering their Black Metal to the Orthodox world and beyond. Personally I didn't know them before this album (we can't know everything either) and I admit I take great pleasure in listening to his black melodies certainly but sometimes enchanting!


Le groupe d'aujourd'hui se nomme fort joliment Diabolical Principles, nom fort seyant qu'il me semble inutile de traduire. Nous quittons la Pologne pour nous rendre en Grèce au chevet de ce groupe fort plaisant dont le radicalisme n'est point politique mais plutôt orienté sur le blasphème et l'adoration de la nature et des ses divinités. Musicalement on se trouve face à un Black Metal plutôt atmosphérique et mélodique, de toute beauté, avec parfois quelques passages qui peuvent évoquer un Summoning ou un Burzum dans les passages les plus "planants". En effet, le combo s'avère plus amoureux des tempos langoureux que des courses de bolides. Depuis 1999 (eh oui, encore pas des petits nouveaux) les athéniens délivrent leur Black Metal à la face du monde orthodoxe et bien au-delà. Personnellement je ne les connaissais pas avant cet album (on ne peut pas tout connaitre non plus) et j'avoue prendre un grand plaisir à l'écoute de ses mélodies noires certes mais parfois enchanteresses !



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