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Review - Endless Funeral - Le Grand Silence - Epictural Production - 2021 - DSBM - French + English Text

  ENDLESS FUNERAL Le Grand Silence 2021 Epictural Production Depressive Black Metal Après la grosse claque que je me suis pris avec le dernier Ferriterium ( Calvaire dont vous pouvez lire la chronique ICI  et dont je ne peux qu'à nouveau recommander l'absolue nécessité de vous le procurer) je ne pouvais que m'intéresser de près a la nouvelle sortie du label Epictural Production, qui a sorti Ferriterium (et est géré par Raido, de Ferriterium, la boucle est bouclée. Quand ce dernier m'a appris qu'en plus la sortie en question serait un groupe de DSBM composé de membres prestigieux comme Apathy (de Karne), Psycho (Hats Barn, Lord Ketil) au chant partagé, entourés par le compositeur et auteur des textes Thomas Allam (que l'on retrouve aussi à la lead guitar et a la batterie), accompagnés par John Monier (basse, claviers, enregistrement et mix) et Visceral Vince à la guitare solo, je ne pouvais que m'enthousiasmer. Voici donc venir le premier album d'Endless


al namrood black metal saoudi arabia
As i am not a translator, this interview is just published here in its english original version...


Can you present Al Namrood to our readers ?
AlNamrood is an Arabian oriented band focus on controversial topics, involve religious regimes, social injustice, authority oppression, freedom and modern slavery, classism, laws brutality and religion as a control tool. These topics brought by an intensive, heavy, harsh and punchy music.

What is the signification of your name ? Nimrod ?
Icon of defiance, religion defiance.

You play anti-islamic BM in Saoudi Arabia. What is your situation today ? Do you still risking your life ?
Of course, needless to say, it is extremely dangerous, as we keep very low profile and limit our social interactions. The country is moving toward police Islamic state and freedom of expression is getting worse than before. As it is known, our music is consider a crime in our country, which we find absurd.

you began your career back in 2008. What was the purpose back then ? And today ?
To express our thoughts, using metal music and to relive ourselves from the buried flames of anger and loath of what we are going through.

You play a very original version of BM, with a lot of arabic influences. How did you manage ?

Everything done in home based studio, using whatever available resources, like PC, sound interface, guitars, bass, amplifiers, keyboard and that is it, we do what we want, but away from public eyes and ears.

If i say to you that your way reminds me musically of Rotting Christ ?
I would say we are honored.

al namrood saoudi arabia black metal


In your lyrics you talk about pagan pre-islamic religions, that's it ? Can you explain to us a little more ?

This topic was illustrated in 2012 album “Kitab Al Awthan” translates to “Book of Idols” we wanted to articulate the Arabian original history where it was erased from many history books and replace with Islamic illumination, however, the history cannot be hidden completely, we did our extensive research and we got our documents of the life in pre-islamic era thus, we created the album “Kitab Al Awthan”.

On Enkar in 2017 you changed your logo and put an anarchist « A » sign in it. Are you anarchist ? Where you influenced by Punk bands ?

In fact we reviewed our concept and our objective of music and it matches the anarchy goal, back in 2015 when we done album “Diaji Al Joor” translates to “Darkness of Injustice” we talked about tyranny and glorification of leaders, that at some point, people themselves created a tyrant and start to glorify that tyrant. This topic lead us to the point of police state and authority control, since we have our defiance and rebellious concept, the anarchist punk fit our goal. We created album “Enkar” translates to “Denial” to articulate the state of denial in people creating tyranny, religion servitude and authority dominace, but they deny its existence. The anarchy concept was made in line with the punk music, our main influencer in this area was the band “ The Exploited”. In reality our lifestyle is aligned with the anarchist punk life style.

al namrood saoudi arabia black metal


Your musical influences ?
I would list a long lines of bands so lets shorten the answer, the main influncers are: first wave of black metal like Venom, 80’s thrash metal like Razor and Sodom, Punk like the Exploited. In fact we are still have our admiration for the 80’s metal, sadly all the new bands do not compare to the old school ones.

And spiritually/philosophically speaking ?

Thelema and Aleister Crowley work, the book of law and recently “the left hand path”.

Seeds Of Iblis, i'm sure you heard of them. They realised two great anti-islam records. Rumors are saying that they are not irakian, that it's a fake. Do you know a little more about them ?

Unfortunately, we have no information about them.

Other arabic bands you like ?

Nothing that got our attention. Because most if not all, trying to align islam religion with their music. None have the rationality to reject the religion.

What do you think of bands like Orphaned Land who are trying to make peace between the three montheisms ?

Nonsense. (with due respect J)

You realised a compilation in 2018. What is the future for Al Namrood ?

More music, more albums, more explored concepts.

 al namrood ten years of resistance saoudi arabia black metal

How can you continue to rehearsal and recording music ?

Maintaining secretive life is the key to survival and band continuance.

Which of your albums do you prefer, and why ?

That’s tough question, each album has a specific message and music construction, and each album we have lived a particular story.  As you may notice each album sounds different than other. So it is not easy to say which the favorite was.

Can you list us your 30 favorite albums ever ?
Midnight No Mercy For Mayhem
Toxic Holocaust.  Hell On Earth
Blüdwülf. Cryptic Revelations
Candlemass.  Epicus Doomicus Metallicus
Razor. Violent Restitution
Sabbat (JAP) (Satanasword)
DarkThrone. (Panzerfaust)
IronMaiden. (Powerslave)
Hellbastard (Ripper Crust)
Anti Cimex (Scandinavian Jawbreaker)
POISON IDEA (Feel The Darkness)
Discharge (Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing)
Melechesh (Djinn)
Storm (Nordavind)
The Funeral Orchestra (We Are the End)
Sarcófago (I.N.R.I.)
HELLHAMMER (Apocalyptic Raids)
Sodom (Agent Orange)
Survival ( Rock and Roll Sacrifice)
Black Sabbath (Master of Reality)
Kreator (Pleasure to Kill)
Motörhead (Motörhead )
ChaosUK (The riot city years)
Broken Bones (F.O.A.D.)
GBH (Leather,Bristles,Studs And Acne)
The Exploited (Punks Not Dead)
GG Allin Freaks, Faggots, Drunks and Junkies
Destruction (Sentence Of Death)
Dayglo Abortions (Here Today, Guano Tomorrow)

Books that you enjoy ? 
Not a book worm.

Freedom space : tell us whatever you want !

shaytan productions




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