echoes raw black metal brazil

Interview with Stanley

Hi Stanley. The band Echoes was created in 1991 in Brazil. Can you tell us your story ?

In fact the band Echoes was created in 1989 by Mike Elival. He is my father. He started the band's activities in '89 but only recorded their first "PARADISE OF DESOLATION" Tape Demo in 1991, that same year another demo called "UNENDING STATE OF ANGUISH" was released. The following year the songs of these two Demo Tapes participated in the collection STARS OF ROCK 2 of the label STAR MUSIC.

echoes raw black metal brazil

Your single, Paradise of Desolation, released in 1991, sounds a bit more Old-School Death Metal mixed with Black Metal from the 80's. Do you agree ?

The extreme metal scene of the 1980s and 1990s was something that influenced the beginning of ECHOES trajectory. Mike listened to the sound of hellhammer bands, Celtic Frost, Napalm Death, Slayer, Venom among other precursors of extreme metal and black metal in general that influenced the initial sound of the band. Over time the sound of ECHOES was being filtered absorbing only its most grotesque side and seeking to be ever more real, more visceral.

Ten years later, in 2001, you released the Revolution Now Ep. It's a real raw and pure outfit. A word about this one ?

REVOLUTION NOW was the album in which Mike took over the vocals of Echoes. Due to divergences between the members of the band he had to expel all and create a new formation. In this Album the proposal was to make a more raw and intricate sound forged with a lot of hatred and simplicity. These are the roots that we have followed and have always cultivated ever since


Christian Illusion was out in 2003. Religion is one of your lyrical fights, both with politics and social issues, right ?

For many centuries and generations the Christian religions and their followers annihilated and destroyed all people who had any belief different from that faith based on a false god. I walk down the street and see the number of religious blind lambs following these damn Christian jewish religions multiplying ever more and more through the streets of Brazil. The same manipulation and brainwashing that happens in religion is also present in politics. I live in a country that for years was governed by a communist policy that stole the national public coffers to strengthen the international communism. Intended to establish a criminal ideological dictatorship in the country in charge by alienating and indoctrinating a large part of the nation, to stand up for and fight for its terrible causes. "In religion and politics, people with low levels of culture and lower mind are easily manipulated, growing more and more affecting the population as a cancer It is impossible that hatred and indignation at this should not serve as inspiration for the lyrics of Echoes.


Waiting the death's EP was released in 2005. A word about this one ?

It was in this CD that I became one member of the band. I entered to replace the previous bass player who went crazy due to the excessive use of heavy drugs. Currently he is hospitalized in an asylum. Waiting the death was a work that brought direct songs and no frills. It was through this CD that the Echoes became eternally part of my life. This cd cursed me. This album is sacred and has a special value to me because of all this.

In 2008 came the suffering EP. Very thrilling one, too ! There is doom, black metal and your personal touch in this one. You remind me the time i discovered Bathory, back in the 80's, they were unique, and you are ! What makes you so unique and special ?

Thank you for believing in our strength. This is an honor for us. We perform our noise in a trivial. We always fabricate our rottenness in an obscure and morbid way and prioritize originality to create our macabre art. This is the essence of black metal lost in the midst of the music media. There are many '' Metalheads Fad Posers '' unable to understand the philosophical message behind all our sound dirt.

Echoes raw black metal brazil

In 2011, it was time for Go to hell. If i say to you i think you have a punk touch in your music and attitude, what do you answer me ?

I agree with you. This punk attitude is influential in our sound and ideology. We express our feelings through fast and noisy songs, songs that approach political ideas and more extreme and revolutionary attitudes with more basic chords and simple songs. This was even more present in our image IN 2005 after we launched the parallel project of our other band '' ANIQUILAÇÃO ''.

echoes raw black metal brazil

This book is talking about different subgenres of Black Metal. What is your opinion on these ones :

The DSBM is a harrowing and disturbing style. A very
sad sound. We like the sound of Bethlehem.I appreciate sound and the story behind the Silencer band.
Raw BM
Raw Black Metal is the most raw and pure sub-strand of Black Metal. The heavier, noisy, rough Metal style.Beherit and Mutiilation were great icons in this area. The low-fidelity recording techniques and the harsh and repugnate sound define this style. It is this style that defines the sound of ECHOES.
I must confess that I never heard much Post Black Metal. I do not know much about this aspect of black metal but I already heard some things from the band Agalloch.
We greatly appreciate the raw and direct ideology and sound of the NSBM. We like the sound and attitude of bands like Gestapo666, Absurd and 1389. Hitler was the most wronged historical character that ever existed. History has been distorted and denigrated by Zionist media. Hitler was a hero who fought to rid the country of enemies. The international parasites.
Death/Black Metal
We've heard some things from Behemoth and Belphegor bands, but that's not our favorite style. We like the otherwise pure and tribal black metal.
. I think that black metal fused with other more technical styles of traditional metal becomes very commercial and loses much of its essence.
We do not know anything about Black in Roll. We never heard of such a style.

In 2015, you did the God of Hell single, even rawer and strange than what you ever did. Was it a way to say that Echoes are purest than ever ?

This was the first song recorded in our studio of Underground Noise Productions and it was from this song that I also played drums on ECHOES recordings.Through the music of GOD OF HELL we have rescued the old rough and extreme essence of the true black metal classic that was covered by the commercial tendencies of the music media.The true black metal must prevail and show that it will survive any commercial trend that dishonors the scene.

Your opinion on the scene since the beginning ?

The old Black Metal scene was a very shocking scene for the heavy metal musical scenario, had legendary figures who were important in the struggle to remove Christianity and other pests present in national and international cultures. But it is degrading the way that current black metal has been taking. Old bands are selling themselves to the tendencies of the fad, the commercial trash is burying the few real bands in this scene of the present time.

Some people say that you are a parody band. What do you answer them ?

We make the true black metal in its purest, raw and primitive form. ''Metalheads Posers'' who are accustomed only to conventional black metal of the traditional trend that appears in the media will never be able to understand our art. We are uniting the real raw and somber sound of real black metal with our original audiovisual productions stuffed with great doses of black humor and blasphemy with much authenticity . The lower minded ‘’Metalheads Posers’’ would never understand. They are just insects.

God is dead in 2015, the great i have to kill the president in 2016, Satan look at me in 2017 and your « hit » Death to the fad of metal last year : The songs are more and more raw, weird and nearly experimental. What can you tell us about it ?

We are delving deeper into our rotten and rustic atmosphere, we are attacking with ever more tribal melodies, we will continue to maintain our chaotic, rustic, cold, dry intensity of true black metal in its purest and primitive form. This is our weapon to attack and to wipe out these worms that infested the scene and made black metal in something common and acceptable.

echoes raw black metal brazil

Your videos are great and a lot of people are watching them. I am a big fan of South Park, and they remind me a bit of South Park. What is the intention behind these videos ? Again, is it humour or serious shit ? (maybe both?)

In '' Underground Noise Productions '' we produce '' Echoes '' music videos, they are low-budget 'TRASH' productions but with a factor in common to all, the presence of black humor and sarcasm. These are the trademarks of these videos we have created for advertising the dirty and infamous sound of ECHOES.

Your 20 favorite albums ever ?

Hellhammer -Satanic rites
Bathory - (1984)
BEHERIT - The oath of black blood
Slayer - Show no mercy
Autopsy - Severed Survival
Absurd - Totenlieder
Gestapo 666 - Nostalgiah
Venom - Black Metal Bethlehem - Dictius Te Necare
Mütiilation - Vampires of Black Imperial Blood
Pentagram - Day Of Reckoning
The Doors - 1967
GBH - No need to panic
Celtic frost - Morbid tales
Burzum - (1992)
Benediction- The Grand Leveller
Mayhem- Deathcrush
DARKTHRONE - A Blaze in the Northern
Sex Pistols - The Sex Pistols - NeverMind The Bollocks
Ramones - Adios Amigos

You're going to release a cd+dvd combo, can you tell us ANYTHING about this expected one ?

This is the dirtiest and bizarre masterpiece of black metal. Sound and video are totally disgusting, hard and extreme. We are bringing in an authentic and original way the most offensive and tribal work of black metal.


If you had to explain what Echoes is to someone that had never heard of you ?

Echoes is a band that makes an unconventional sound. The songs and videos are coarse and noisy and cause a lot of controversy.The rotten noise of Echoes is the obscure side of the dirty metal.Tribal musics done of hate and fury.

God of hell is going to be a cult album I'm sure! Can you describe the process of the making?

We've put together the last 5 recorded singles to create the most turbulent and damned black metal album.

Is this album special to you? I mean it sounds more original than ever?

This record has a special value for us because it represents the highest essence of pure black and shaggy metal allied with an authentic crude and coarse production, faithful to our extreme and somber style.

echoes raw black metal brazil

The album will be released in a cd/DVD bundle. What can we expect from the DVD?

On the DVD we have the controversial clips of all the songs present on the CD. Everything produced in our cinematographic studio of '' Underground Noise Productions ''

What is the message behind this particular album?

This is the most raw and extreme album produced by Echoes. Sound is more and more original, obscure and disturbing than before. '' God of hell '' has come to express our cruel feeling of profane hate.

Free space : add everything you want :

We will continue to the end by lighting the old flame of true black metal to terrorize this sold scene. Thank you to all those who believe and support our work.

Thank you Stanley 




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