THEY'RE BACK ! CULTUS SANGUINE : Cult Black Metal from Italy in Interview (ENGLISH)

Interview with Joe

cultus sanguine the sum of all fears black metal italie

Cultus Sanguine is born in 1993 in Milan, Italy. Can you describe and tell us the conditions of this monstruous birth ?

- We felt a strong desire to give form to our feelings for music, we wanted to create something darker and deeper , there was a huge passion towards extreme dark metal at that times, lot of great bands coming out , everything was influencial and new .

What were your influences back then ?

Personally I’ve been a devoted fan of various kinds of musical darkness , my main influences from whom I’ve been influenced are : Celtic Frost, Possessed, Christian Death, Death in June , Slayer, Bathory, Candlemass.

Since the eponymous EP in 1995 you were very unique with that kind of Gothic Black/Doom Metal. Can you tell us about the ingredients of that special sauce and the EP ?

Thanks for your words, maybe this special souce is the result of the mixture of our influencies …. Black metal, gothic, Darkwave, Heavy metal, all of them mixed in our kind of metal wrapped in shadows.

 In 1996 you released a split with Norwegian legends Carpathian Forest...Whose band had the idea ? Maybe was it the label (Morbid Noiz productions)

Well, I’ve been in touch with Carphatian Forest since the beginning , I loved their demos and albums, but the idea of the split cassette was Morbid Noiz’s , maybe because these was both a couple of grimm sounding eps ….

cultus sanguine live black metal italie

What was the real feeling of playing that music in the 90's ?

Enthusiasm … great releases … great ideas, of course none of the bands involved had the idea of being creating milestones , but all the milestones in black, dark metal comes from this epoch.

It was like writing on white pages and having a lot to say.

Your first LP Shadows Blood was released in 1997. It sounded even more Gothic, i mean in the death rock way, like old christian death or mighty sphincter. I heard also a big Celtic Frost influence from the Into the pandemonium era. Do you agree ? Of course, back then, you were often compared with Cradle Of Filth, what do you think about all that things today and about this classic album ?

Yes I definitely agree with you , on our first ep we was more harsh , innocent maybe , then we shaped our blade with a darker sound inside our strong black metal influence , personally I always had the will to create a recognizable dark metal sound . As I’ve said before, both Celtic Frost and Christian Death are a big Cultus Sanguine influence , albums such as « Into the pandemonium » or « Atrocities » are milestones in dark music .
Compared to Cradle of Filth ? thanks , but I never tought we could have their appeal , I liked a lot their début album , but I don’t recognize some comparation between them and us , different vocals, different keyboards , and we never been fast as they were. Altough for us this is a great comparation.

 In 1999 you released what becames your last album, The Sum of All Fears. With this one and his predecessor, i see you as pionneers of a subgenre called Depressive Black Metal. Do you agree ? The clear vocals were really sad and romantic...I think you had a big influence on bands like Shining or Forgotten Tomb...

When we started composing « The sum of all fears » we wanted to reach a higher level in dark metal … not gothic metal , because at time goth metal was male and female vocals loving each other like doves while singing , romantic melodies and stuff like that , not our plate, the use of clear vocals was something darker , and without romantic intention, just because they fits perfectly with lyrics .. we wanted to give a sound to shadows , to create musical sadness , deep and dark , without an exit , I had no idea of the coming and maybe influenced by our album, Depressive Black Metal , but It is a genre I really apprecciate, especially bands I really like such as Shining and Forgotten Tomb , I think they released milestones as well , givin this genre of music a great expression , and if, as you say , our album had a big influence with them , I’m really honoured .

What was the cause of your split in 2001 ?

Basically because at the moment we felt that we gave our best, and we prefered to quit insted of releasing unworth albums. We were tired of the thing getting bigger for the market and the business side, while we were focused on the artistic side of the thing, so we felt the need to take a stop.

 I know you've got a big anouncement to do to all the planet : you're Back !!!! What a great news ! Can you tell us more about your come back and is there a new album to come ?

We are here, we never disappeared , we had the need to take a break . During these years more or less we’ve been in touch, and we are still friends.
What happened … some times ago Federico (guitars) and me , during a small chat like « how are you ? » stuff , felt that time has come, I was writing new stuff as he was , so , in a couple of minutes we were speaking regarding a new album , and , yes , there will be new musical darkness .

 If Yes, what can we expect ?

Honestly , we want to give something better than all our previous music. Darker, Darker and even darker . From my side I’ve wrote all the lyrics , muse ispired, wolf and moon deeper and absinthe smelling poetry, more mature than previous ones . It will be 100 % Cultus Sanguine in a heavier, deeper and darker form . The musical triumph of the unlight.

What is your vision of Black Metal since the very beginning until today ?

I’ve been corrupted by Black Metal since the beginning , Bethory »the return » , Venom « Black Metal » and Celtic Frost was a black drape in my youth , then I loved early 90’s BM , with such great releases , the atmosphere, the music, the feeling , the creativity flowing at that times , then there was the coming of depressive b.m. with many great releases .

Your 20 best albums ever, in every genre :

Mmm hard question … because music is a big part of my life , let’s see, in no particular order : Celtic Frost « morbid tales » , « To mega therion » « into the pandemonium » , Slayer « reign in blood » , Bathory « the return » , Possessed « seven churches » Depeche Mode « music for the masses » , Christian death « Atrocities » , Turbonegro « Scandinavian leather » Motley Crue « shout at the devil » W.A.S.P. « W.a.s.p. » , Metallica « master of puppets » « Darkthrone « A blaze » Carpathian Forest « Black shining leather » Black Sabbath « Paranoid » Judas Priest « painkiller » Anathema « judgement » Scorpions « Lovedrive » Venom « Black metal » Sixx Am « prayers for the damned »

 Do you think italian metal is special ? When i think of you, and Opera IX for example, i think it is !

Opera IX are special, Mortuary Drape , Khepra, Forgotten Tomb, Death ss, Bulldozer and many other bands are, yeah , I definitely agree with you, Italian metal is special .

Are you in contact with the guys of Moonspell ? I think you had things in common ?

Do you ? I enjoyed a lot their first releases , but honestly I don’t follow them since many time , I never felt them as an influence somehow , we’ve been near by musicwise maybe at time , but they are bigger than us

If Cultus Sanguine was a citation or a proverb ?

The sum of all fears

What is your vision of our world ?

Sadly superficial, running fast, without consideration for the person, all relationships nowadays are superficial, in a second you are a friend of someone unknown and after a second you are forgotten , things are going in a bad way , but no one seems to take care .

Be free to add anything you want :

First of all I want to thank you Pierre for your great suppor , we really appreciate it , souls out here please check out our page for further informations about our future steps , something weird may comes

Joe – Cultus Sanguine


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